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Student Centered Lab

Unlike many other research labs, the GW Buzz lab is committed to recruiting undergraduate students to participate in the entirety of its research projects. Indeed, many of our researchers go on to work at the lab several consecutive summers, culminating with their own funded research projects!


As a student driven research lab, students are involved at every level of lab activities. This involves non-research activities, such as hiring new researchers, communicating with sponsors, engaging with local and national community organizations, and promoting the lab through social media. In addition to maintaining the excellence of the lab and its research, students are encouraged to think innovatively and are provided the opportunities to actively create. 

Most importantly, as part of an undergraduate-centered lab, GW Buzz is dedicated to creating an inclusive and supportive team of researchers, as we recognize that it is only when we work together that we can all succeed.

Lab Structure

Although maintenance continues throughout the school year, the bulk of beekeeping and research conducted takes place during the summer, beginning with honey bee installation around the end of April. This means that in addition to conducting revolutionary research, students are also free to explore the nation's capitol and its many exciting summer events!


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