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Founding Farmers

The beekeeping and bee research team of the Biological Sciences Department at The George Washington University recognizes Founding Farmers Restaurant for offering the Founding Farmers Bees Fellowship to two research students at GWU.

This fellowship is awarded for the purpose of supporting full-time study (primarily through participation in scientific research) at The George Washington University. In working with Founding Farmers, we strive to create a sustainable and educational environment for all.

The honey produced from the apiary's hives is then given to local Founding Farmers D.C. restaurant and used in their dishes. Around 20 to 60 pounds of honey are produced each summer.

In May 2021, the lab marked its 10th year of partnership between the GW Buzz Apiary and Research Lab and Founding Farmers D.C.!

The next time you dine at Founding Farmers D.C. Restaurant, make sure to check out their customized teaspoons which commemorate our partnership!

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