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January 16, 2021

For nearly a decade, the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum has been educating middle schoolers throughout the world through their science educational video series, Stem in 30. With an impressive 7 seasons and 66 episodes, this Emmy-nominated program is dedicated to informing students about intriguing developments and innovations in the aeronautic community through their interactive videos.

Last January, the GW Apiary was honored to be featured in Stem in 30’s “Buzz the Tower: How Bees Influence Aviation” episode which highlighted the importance of the honeycomb structure in the aerospace industry and the current research being conducted on honey bees. We had the pleasure of meeting Jake Klim and Beth Wilson, the hilarious directors and writers of the show, when their crew set up camp in our apiary on a rainy January morning. In the video, Dr. Doebel, an Assistant Professor of Biology at GWU who is in charge of our apiary, is filmed opening up a hive and noting the contributing effects of pesticides on Colony Collapse Disorder. Additionally, our junior beekeepers, Allison Cameron and Farhana Alam, discuss their research on the effects of sublethal doses of pesticides on the memory of honey bees. Finally, our senior beekeepers, Camille Leoni and Fiona Lupi, describe the different flower species that best attract honey bees and other pollinator species.


You can watch Stem in 30’s “Buzz the Tower: How Bees Influence Aviation” episode on YouTube at Our feature begins at 21:33 minutes into the episode.

The Washington Post
A common pesticide may be a menace to pollinators. know how to protect them

May 11, 2016

The Washington Post discusses the dangers of common pesticides to honey bees and other pollinators, as well as the Pollinator Protection Act legislation presented in Maryland.

Read more at :

On a D.C. rooftop, a scientist and his students look to solve bee mystery 

May 2, 2016

The Washington Post interviews Professor Doebel and GW Buzz researchers on the importance of honey bees, environmental health, and urban apiaries. 

Read more at :

The Gw Hatchet

Peruse articles published by The George Washington University's local student run GW Hatchet newspaper!

Student Beekeepers Investigate Two Hive Collapses
By Leah Potter 

Nov 19, 2018

Honeybees Descend on Campus as Cold Weather Nears
Chelsea Radler 
Oct 20, 2011

Gw today

Look over some collaborations between GW Buzz and The George Washington University's official online news source!

The Plight of the Honeybee
By John DiConsiglio
June 01, 2015

GW, Founding Farmers Partner to Host Beehives
April 19, 2012

An Examination of Honeybees
Magdalena Stuehrmann
December 07, 2011

City Bees
June 24, 2011

and more!

Spot a colorful bee, collect some cash​
From WTOP News 
John Aaron
April 19, 2012

Founding Farmers Press Release
April 18, 2012

From Global Animal
By Bianca Caraza

GW Bees do it for Founding Farmers

From The Georgetown Dish
By Tasting Spoon
June 24, 2011

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