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Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum:
Buzz the Tower : How Bees Influence Aviation - STEM in 30

In January of 2020, the GW Apiary was honored to be featured in Stem in 30’s “Buzz the Tower: How Bees Influence Aviation” episode which highlighted the importance of the honeycomb structure in the aerospace industry and the current research being conducted on honeybees. We had the pleasure of meeting Jake Klim and Beth Wilson, the hilarious directors and writers of the show, when their crew set up camp in our apiary on a rainy January morning!

Founding Farmers:
10 Year Anniversary of Our Apiary

Watch a special feature lovingly created by Founding Farmers to commemorate our 10th year of partnership!

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum:
"Get Excited About the Creepy Crawly Stuff!" The GW Buzz

Watch to see GW Buzz contribute to the Smithsonian's Stem in 30!

CGTN Interview:
Hartmut Doebel on why honeybees are on the verge of extinction

Dr. Doebel was featured on CCTV America, in its Global Business America segment that discussed the agricultural importance of honey bees.

Special thanks to reporter Kelly Rice and photographer Joel Witte!

Founding Farmers:
GWU x Founding Farmers Bee Apiary

In 2016, Founding Farmers partnered up with DC-based nonprofit, Beyond Pesticides, to raise awareness for the declining pollinator populations by joining their “Made by Pollinators” campaign!

Founding Farmers has partnered up with George Washington University to establish the LARGEST restaurant-owned urban apiary in the country! Atop the roof of GWU’s Lisner Hall hosts six beehives estimated to produce between 20 and 60 pounds of honey for our restaurants each year! Take a closer look at our busy bees!

Founding Farmers:
The buzz about GW and Founding Farmers' bee partnership 

In 2011, SmartPower interns walked over to Founding Farmers and then a few blocks farther to GW's campus where they climbed the stairs to the roof to get a look at some bees. The bees are to provide a local, sustainable source of honey to the LEED certified gold restaurant in downtown D.C. See what the buzz is all about!

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